• You must enroll EACH motorcycle in the program prior to accumulating miles/kilometers. Mileage accumulated prior to enrollment is not eligible for consideration.
  • Participation is offered exclusively to active H.O.G.® members (full, full life, associate, and associate life members).
  • Members may enroll in the H.O.G.® Mileage Program by completing an enrollment form. Vehicle identification number and current mileage must be indicated on the form at time of enrollment, and all enrollment forms must be endorsed by an authorized dealer. Members should send their forms to the address listed on the form.
  • An additional H.O.G.® Mileage Program form must be submitted when a vehicle is sold/traded indicating the ending mileage reading for the old vehicle along with the vehicle identification number and starting mileage of the new vehicle.
  • For each mileage level, a separate H.O.G.® Mileage Program form must be completed, endorsed by an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer, and submitted to the H.O.G.® office.
  • Passengers are also welcome to participate in the H.O.G.® Mileage Program. The passenger must also be an active H.O.G.® member, and enrollment is to be documented on the same form as his or her sponsoring rider.
  • Those listed as a “passenger” on a form, but who are also “riders”, may submit a separate enrollment form if they would like to accumulate miles as a “rider”. However, mileage accumulated on one vehicle cannot be shared with another rider (i.e., the same mileage cannot be reported twice for two rider awards).
  • Fly & Ride™ miles may be credited to your file by submitting a copy of the contract, which indicates mileage accumulated.
  • Each Mileage Program form must document odometer readings and appropriate vehicle identification numbers for all vehicles used to accumulate required mileage for that particular mileage level. (Kilometers should be indicated for those motorcycles using a kilometer odometer.)